pBFT— Understanding the Consensus AlgorithmpBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) is an excellent consensus algorithm for enterprise consortiums where members are partially trusted.
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Adding Field Level Encryption to Hyperledger Private Data

The Private Data feature in Hyperledger is great for keeping data private between Organization A and Organization B in a channel with other Organizations that don’t need that private data, e.g. Organizations C-F.
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Ethereum Clique PoA vs PoW

Why was PoA needed vs PoW?
PoW (Proof of Work) is fine when the network has value, as it is worth the expensive computing needed to protect the network against a 51% attack.
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Quorum Blockchain Consensus Algorithms

Istanbul BFT was inspired by Clique PoA (Proof of Authority). Clique PoA is currently used for Ethereum’s Rinkeby test network as well as Ethereum private networks.
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Hyperledger Fabric Private Data Collections

Hyperledger Fabric took a big step forward by adding Private Data Collections to the 1.2 version of Hyperledger Fabric.
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Hyperledger, Ethereum and Quorum Nonce Management

What is a nonce?
A nonce is a arbitrary, unique number that is used to prevent replay attacks.
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